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Cancelled Event 

Unfortunately, our 14th Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Wentzville / Lake St. Louis Jaycees will not take place this year.

Due to a new requirement by the City of Lake St. Louis and the associated cost of this additional liability insurance policy, our charitable organization will not be able to host this event. The cost of the additional insurance alone outweighs the funds that we would raise to donate to “Share: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support”.

This year would have been our 14th Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt, and we are very disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to raise funds for our community through this method. Over the last 13 years, we have donated up to $2000 after each Adult Easter Egg Hunt to organizations such as Back Stoppers, Run for the Wall, Community Living Inc., and Tree House of Greater St. Louis. We have also had the opportunity to raise money for medical expenses for families in our community when they needed it the most.

We hope to find a new venue to host this event in the future that is more accommodating to align with our creed, “that service to humanity is the best work of life.”

Thank you to those who have reached out seeking information about our Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt! We will find a way to donate to “Share: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support”. If you would still like to donate as this time to “Share: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support”, you may do so through our PayPal link. All proceeds will be given directly to “Share”.

Proceeds will support Share: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

The mission of Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. is to serve those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby through pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or in the first few months of life. The primary purpose is to provide support toward positive resolution of grief experienced at the time of, or following the death of a baby.  This support encompasses emotional, physical, spiritual and social healing, as well as sustaining the family unit. The secondary purpose is to provide information, education, and resources on the needs and rights of bereaved parents and siblings.  The objective is to aid those in the community, including family, friends, employers, members of the congregation, caregivers, professionals, and others in a supportive role.


Contact information: Michael Dierenfeldt • 816.262.8616